To Kip on his First Birthday

Hi Sweet Boy,

We like to think that I went into active labor just after midnight because you didn’t want to share your dad’s birthday. You wasted no time when you decided it was time. It wasn’t long before I had you in my arms.

The nurses at the hospital would say, “He only wants mom.”, as they transitioned shifts. It was true, I couldn’t set you down for a moment of rest. At the time I thought it was a typical newborn. I should have known the nurses could see things I couldn’t. We spent the next three months glued together. You would do your best to make sure your forehead was pressed against my lips. Your tiny hand would stroke (pull) my hair. Day or night this was your comfort place. We tried four bassinets to see if anything would help you sleep on your own. You’ll still take any opportunity to get into our bed if you can.

Still snuggly, you have grown into our little bear. You greet us after daycare with a hug and open mouthed kisses. You wave to your teachers. “Adios! I’m going home.”

Bedtime is my favorite time with you. It took awhile for you to be into books. You had too much to explore. When we read goodnight moon you try to turn past the black and white pages to see the colors. Your head on my shoulder as we sing, “You are my sunshine” is my what really makes this time special. If I can have one thing as you grow, it would be that you never stop doing this.

You have a laugh that everyone loves. No one can resist joining in when they hear it. Your sister can get them out of you better than anyone. You are her number one fan but she is also yours. We get nervous about her rough and tumble ways with you but you can take her on and you love it.

I’m in awe of the way you figure out the world around you. Trial and error in what seems like very deliberate plans. Your tiny brain creating experiments for how you might navigate the dining room chairs through the many small doorways in our house and back again. With a few bumps and stops you’ve figured out how to move around the chair to get the right angle. Our furniture is never in the right place now.

It’s hard to believe you’ve been here in our arms a year. It’s been fast but also feels like you’ve been here forever. You fit right in, our snuggly, little bear.

We love you, Kip Gerrard!