To my sweet, Sunshine girl,

It’s that day of the year again where I express my disbelief that you are another year older.

You continue to grow into your own person. You’re a friendly girl who can make friends with anyone. You will talk about a random kid that you met on the playground as if they have been your lifelong friend. And, speaking of lifelong friends, you are a dedicated and loving friend to the handful of girls and boys that you’ve known longer than you can remember. I love that you know exactly who these friends are and thoughtfully plan activities to make them feel the most comfortable.

You live life big, loud and colorful. You start daily family dance parties in the living room.  You’ll sing any song that is stuck in your head repeatedly no matter where we happen to be. You are not afraid to wear bright colors, mix patterns and be exactly who you want to be. I’ve started taking pictures of your hands which are always covered in colorful marker from your latest drawing. The attention to detail that you put into every piece you do impresses me to no end. I can’t bear to recycle any of it and the pile is growing out of control.


Your imagination knows no limits. You play veterinarian, daycare, school and many other careers in your bedroom with your dolls and stuffies. You are so curious about the world and ask questions that often can’t be easily answered. You keep our minds sharp

This year has been full of big changes. You moved on from daycare to kindergarten and had to say “see you later” to some really good friends. You’ve navigated new halls, new teachers, new rules and new friends. It hasn’t been the easiest on you but you’re growing and learning how to take on these challenges. Your dad and I are so proud of you.

Monkey see, monkey do is a common phrase in our house as your little brother follows you around and tries to copy everything you do. He comes running every time you yell, “Kippy!” You’ve taught him to karate kick, complete with a “hi-ya.” Thanks to you he is finally wearing hard soled shoes. My heart melts when the two of you cuddle, just for a minute, before one or the other of you runs off to the next thing. I know he can be annoying. He steals your toys and sneaks into your room to mess up the imaginative scene you have created with your toys. You are the best big sister and Kip is so lucky to have you as a role model and playmate.

I don’t know how to fully express in words how much your dad and I love you. It’s more than the biggest bear hug that we can give. Watching you grow into your own person is one of the very best things in my life. Don’t ever stop taking up your own space, being loud, being colorful and being exactly who you want to be.

I love you Sunshine girl.



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