I currently wear many (fashionable) hats in life. I am a full-time marketing specialist, a part time Health and Wellness Management student, a full time mom and wife, and a full time woman trying to juggle it all.  I call myself a “wanna-be” because I want to do it all. Reigning in my desire to sign up for all the things is a current life goal. Current hobbies include reading, cooking, photography, writing, gardening, biking, running and yoga.

My husband and I share a very modern love story. After meeting on an online dating site we quickly realized that we wanted to share our love of dogs, food and adventures forever so we decided to get married. A house and a couple years later, our family expanded to include our strong-willed and comedic daughter, Elodie (3).

A Minnesota girl, born and raised, I am proud of my home state. Growing up outside of the metro-area, I never imagined I would become the Minneapolis loving woman I am today. South Minneapolis is where my family resides and I have no plans of ever leaving the city I love. My family can often be found checking out the various festivals, concerts and parks around the cities.

I have a passion for helping people achieve wellness in their lives especially busy women and mothers. I believe we don’t allow enough grace and forgiveness in our lives. Through blogging, I hope to inspire others through my stories so that no one feels alone in their experiences.

I will never turn down coffee, wine, dessert or petting a dog.

You can find my stories on motherhood over at Twin Cities Moms Blog

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